"Many new hearing aid users report having extra energy."

Fact or Fiction?

It's very much a common occurrence that after new hearing aids users have adjusted to life with the volume turned up, that they report an extra boost in their energy levels throughout the day. One of the biggest reasons behind this is because the process of listening has become easier and requires less mental strain to try and make out what's being said. This, in turn, helps bolster a socially active personality without the nerves of going to a potentially noisy or crowded area. 

Hearing fatigue, and a loss of energy due to listening are more common if you have hearing loss. Actively listening, especially in an environment where there can be multiple sounds conflicting with the speech of the person you’re trying to hear. There is a genuine amount of effort that goes into the act of listening when the hair cells in your ears have been worn down or damaged.

We know that the message of what we communicate is based in large part on the tone of voice. So not only must a person follow along with the “what” of the story, but also the “why” - i.e. how that speaker feels about things.

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