"Tinnitus can also be a symptom of hearing loss."

Fact or Fiction?

Over 50 million Americans (15% of the general population) have some form of tinnitus. However, the prevalence of tinnitus rises to 70-85 % in individuals who have a hearing loss. Although the conditions are drastically different, one could argue that they are comorbid. That is, hearing loss and tinnitus tend to occur together.

There is no medical cure for tinnitus. Thought-leaders in the field of tinnitus like Glenn Schweitzer talk about how individuals can manage their tinnitus spikes and learn to habituate to the disease - however it requires management of stress, exercise, and the implementation of a healthy diet. Since high levels of stress and anxiety can actually make tinnitus worse, learning to live with the condition is usually the default option. Schweitzer coaches individuals how to manage their tinnitus through meditation.

You should know that there are hearing aids that have been shown to reduce patients’ symptoms. Many hearing aids from danish manufacture Widex come with a built-in tinnitus relief feature called ZEN. It will play soothing fractal tones that has a relaxing effect counteracting the ringing in their ears. The company offers a tinnitus app. So whether your solution ahead may be through meditation or technology, we wish you happy hearing on your journey!

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