"Most people with hearing loss are under age 65." 

Fact or Fiction?

It’s not uncommon to think that age-related hearing loss is something that affects us later in life. However, 65% of the world population who is hard of hearing is actually under the age of 65. Hearing loss statistics provided by the World Health Organization find that 33% of individuals with hearing loss are over the age of 65.

1 in 5 adult Americans have some degree of hearing loss - whether it be mild, moderate or severe. You may be also surprised to find that the largest group of individuals living with an untreated form of hearing loss is actually between the ages of 40-59. The symptoms can and usually do run in families. Hearing loss can also go hand in hand with tinnitus - a condition where you hear whistling, ringing, or buzzing in your ears. People with tinnitus are also more prone to have hearing loss, regardless of their age.

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