"Online hearing tests are as good as one in a hearing clinic."

Fact or Fiction?

You may be wondering how bad your hearing loss is, or doing research online for a loved one. Chances are you've come across an online hearing test, hearing loss quiz, or something that of nature. These online tests can be a helpful tool for getting the conversation started and going to find a solution - we even have one of our own. However, these online hearing tests should never be used to replace the in-person hearing test you get from a certified hearing professional. 

An audiologist is trained on the best practices for testing a patient's hearing ability. You will be placed into a sound-treated booth with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, through which a series of tones will be played. The result of your hearing test is called an audiogram. This will tell your local professional which frequency ranges you have more difficulty hearing in. An audiogram is a chart of your hearing loss degeneration, with frequency on the x-axis and and decibel level on the y-axis.

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While hearing loss is extremely common, it is not something to be taken lightly when looking for a solution. Hearing aids are an investment in your quality of life, one that does not come cheaply. Make sure you're getting a professional opinion before making any decisions on hearing aids. There is a significant difference between a device that has been fitted to accommodate your unique hearing needs and one that has not. If you do take an online hearing test and the results show that you have a hearing loss, take the next step by speaking with an expert about the solutions available to you.