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How Hearing Aids Helped Lead the Way in Wearable Technology

Technology is now fully integrated into the majority of our daily lives at this point. Whether it be a digital watch, our cell phones, smart glasses, the original path for this growing trend in wearable tech was pioneered by none other than the humble hearing aid.

Modern Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

It's not uncommon for someone choosing a hearing aid to opt for one that's a bit more concealable. Manufacturers have responded by making their devices more discreet and nearly invisible in some cases. Here are some prime examples of nearly invisible hearing aid technology.

Signs Your Hearing Aids are Due for an Upgrade Technology marches forward. Are your hearing aids keeping up? Here’s how to tell if you need to invest in newer hearing aid technology.
Do More Channels Always Make Better Hearing Aids? Modern hearing aids have multiple channels designed to help audiologists and hearing aid dispensers adjust the hearing aid to your personal hearing loss so that you only receive volume where you need it. In this article, we look at multi-channel technology and answer the question “What is the ideal number of hearing aid channels a hearing aid should have?”
How Telecoils Can Strengthen Your Sound

Telecoils are a remarkable piece of technology that help you reduce the negative effects of distance, noise, and reverberation in your hearing aids. They also double hearing aid functionality by enabling the instrument to serve as a wireless loudspeaker.

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