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Hearing is Connecting

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About Hearing Loss

The Hearing Loss Association of America estimates that 1 in 5 American adults has some degree of hearing loss, and research shows that the cost of not hearing is actually greater than the cost of hearing aids.

It's important to get the facts on hearing loss, hearing loss treatment, and help for other hearing health issues like tinnitus.

one out of five adults in America suffer from some degree of hearing loss

Is Hearing Loss Aging you?

Although commonly perceived as just a normal side effect of aging, studies show that people with hearing loss run a greater risk of experiencing cognitive decline and dementia.

Treatment can help fend off these age-related conditions and 4 out of 5 test subjects who were rehabilitated from profound deafness showed significant improvements in cognitive test scores.

How to Know

The signs and symptoms of hearing loss can be hard to spot. How would you know if you're one of the 20 percent of Americans that report some degree of hearing loss?

Hearing loss can affect anyone at any age. It is important to have your hearing checked to find out what can be done to help with your current loss, to prevent it from getting worse.

Sounds to Listen Up For

If these sound like familiar situations, then you likely have some degree of hearing loss.

  • Outdoors

Do you miss the sound of birds chirping in the morning? Do leaves no longer crunch under your feet?

  • At Work

Does your boss claim to have told you something that you never heard? Is it hard to follow along at meetings? Do you have difficulty hearing when you talk on the phone?

  • At a Restaurant

Does the background noise bother you? Is it hard to hear what your friend is saying? Do you have to ask waiters to repeat themselves?

  • At Home

Does your spouse complain that the TV or car radio is too loud? Do you not hear the phone ringing or a knock on the door?

  • At a Concert

Does music sound differently than it did before? Is it hard to hear higher pitches like flutes and soprano voices?