Level of Hearing Loss: Profound to Severe

Audeo B70-R - RIC

Receiver in Canal

The Audeo B70-R is a rechargeable hearing aid which is powered by a built-in lithium-ion rechargeable battery. These rechargeable hearing aids can save up to 100 rechargeable batteries per year for each user. Phonak Audéo B is the comprehensive RIC portfolio for mild to severe hearing loss. The Phonak Audéo B includes five designs, three external receivers and four performance levels, including a soothing noise feature to help wearers with tinnitus management.

Available in different forms:

Notable Features, Audeo B70-R - RIC

Ear to Ear communication
Ear to Ear communication
YesTwo hearing aids can communicate with each other for volume, programming, or microphone directional purposes. This eliminates having to set each hearing aid individually.
ActiveMultiple noise environments, from social gatherings, work, to sports, this hearing aid adapts to different environments trough its multiple programs.
Push Button
Push Button Yes
YesA switch or a button on a hearing aid that allows the user to change memory settings or programs to better adapt to different sound environments.
YesHearing aid that contain rechargeable batteries, which can be used in traditional hearing aids, or which might be in a closed compartment that is inaccessible to the user, depending on the model of hearing aid.
Speech enhancement
Speech enhancement Speech Enhancement
YesThis feature allows a hearing aid to distinguish environmental noises from speech sounds, which increases the clarity and quality of these sounds in the hearing aid's speaker.
Tinnitus Relief
Tinnitus Relief
YesSound therapy programs that uses masking noises or similar features to treat the general symptoms of Tinnitus.
Wind noise control
Wind noise control Hearing aid feature that allows Hearing aids to balance sound in windy environments
YesWind noise reduction technology detects and reduces the amplification of wind blowing across the hearing aids' microphones.