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Hybrid Hearing Devices on the Horizon A lower cost alternative to hearing aids is becoming more common. These devices deliver amplified hearing in some situations and dampened hearing in other situations. Here’s how these modern devices may augment your hearing.
Signs Your Hearing Aids are Due for an Upgrade Technology marches forward. Are your hearing aids keeping up? Here’s how to tell if you need to invest in newer hearing aid technology.
How Hearing Aids Helped Lead the Way in Wearable Technology

Technology is now fully integrated into the majority of our daily lives at this point. Whether it be a digital watch, our cell phones, smart glasses, the original path for this growing trend in wearable tech was pioneered by none other than the humble hearing aid.

Breaking Down the BTE: Behind-the-Ear Hearing Aid We know there are many different types of hearing aids available, each with their own features and some with their own acronyms, but how do you know which options to choose? We break down one of the more powerful assistive hearing devices: the behind-the-ear hearing aid, or BTE.
What You Need to Know About Feedback Cancellation

Here are some of the ways hearing aids have evolved to eliminate excessive feedback.


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