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Modern Advancements in Hearing Aid Technology

It's not uncommon for someone choosing a hearing aid to opt for one that's a bit more concealable. Manufacturers have responded by making their devices more discreet and nearly invisible in some cases. Here are some prime examples of nearly invisible hearing aid technology.

Others stand on the other side of the matter and inject some personality into their hearing devices with subtle touches like colors, hearing aid charms, or logos of a wearer’s favorite sports team. 

Musicians have been wearing earpieces for years to help them hone in on specific layers of their music during a performance. Just like hearing aids, these are custom-fit to the wearer’s ear using impressions made by an audiologist. 


People have integrated wearable technology in ways that were once never thought possible. Devices like a bicycle helmet that logs mileage and calories burned, a super-computer wristwatch, or fitness tracking jewelry.

The hearing aid has helped pave the way for wearable tech in other industries, and now it too has evolved to accommodate a more active lifestyle. Hearing loss is no longer a prerequisite for wanting a hearing device, all you need is the desire for your best sound. The days of clunky, catch-all hearing amplifiers that hang over the back of the ears are fading fast! The market has spoken and digital hearing aids are here to stay.  

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