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Apple Announces New Disability-Friendly Emojis Computer and cell phone manufacturing giant, Apple, has released their plans to update their messaging platform with 13 new emojis designed to represent individuals with disabilities. 
The Positive Effects of Yoga on Hearing Loss Yoga has been shown to help people with tinnitus and hearing loss. Science shows that you can improve your hearing loss by doing yoga. 
Could Earwax Be Causing Your Hearing Loss? Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about earwax! Learn how it impacts hearing loss and how to remove it safely.
Why There's No Need to Let Hearing Loss Affect Date Night

The dating scene is challenging for anyone. So, it’s understandable to see why adding hearing loss into the equation can make it a bit more complicated. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. We have outlined some helpful tips to keep in mind before your next big night out to feel more confident.

New Bipartisan Bill Aims for More Affordable Hearing Care A new bipartisan bill proposed by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts and Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky seeks to provide Medicare insurance coverage for a greater variety of hearing care services.
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