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Living with Hearing Loss

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Why There's No Need to Let Hearing Loss Affect Date Night

The dating scene is challenging for anyone. So, it’s understandable to see why adding hearing loss into the equation can make it a bit more complicated. This doesn’t have to be the case, though. We have outlined some helpful tips to keep in mind before your next big night out to feel more confident.

How People are Changing the Way They Think About Hearing Aids

It's not uncommon for someone choosing a hearing aid to opt for one that's a bit more concealable. Manufacturers have responded by making their devices more discreet and nearly invisible in some cases. Here are some prime examples of nearly invisible hearing aid technology.

Hearing Aids: Reconnect with Your World

It’s very easy for someone that has trouble hearing to feel isolated. Some people are nervous or embarrassed by their hearing loss – and even fewer make the decision to do something about it. The time has come to toss pride to the side and reclaim your hearing, and more importantly, your life.

Hearing-Friendly Headphones: Finding the Right Pair

It’s safe to say that headphones have become a staple in most peoples’ daily lives. Whether at the gym, while traveling, taking the dog for a walk or just at home, we use them far more often now than ever before. To no surprise, this has raised questions and prompted studies in the hearing community.

Thom Green: Drummer for Alt-j and Hearing Aid Wearer

Thom Green, drummer for the band Alt-J, has a moderate hearing loss and tells about how hearing aids have positively affected both his personal life and his musical career.

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