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Making Hearing Aids Charm-ing

Hearing aid charms inspired by the relentless confidence of a young girl, who knows that hearing aids are meant to be shown off, not hidden away.

Do you ever see an idea and think, 'Wow, that's brilliant!' When we saw the work that Hayleigh Scott has been doing with her Cherished Charms collection, that's exactly what came to mind. For many, coming to terms with the possibility of hearing loss isn't so easy. The idea behind Hayleigh's Cherished Charms is simple - "make hearing aids shine and be proud of them."

On her Etsy site, Hayleigh tells us about being a young child and attending a school for deaf and hard of hearing children. It was there that she “noticed that a lot of kids tried to hide their hearing aids behind their hair.” Not being one to fit in or fell ashamed, Hayleigh came up with the idea for Cherished Charms.

She began designing and creating charms for hearing aids with the help of her mom and sisters. The charms hang off the device's tube or wire and include everything from seasonal and holiday decorations to crystal and pearl designs. All charms can be made to wear with BTE (behind-the-ear), RITE (receiver-in-the-ear), open fit with wire, and cochlear implants.

Hayleigh wants to help hearing impaired people of all ages embrace their differences and feel empowered. She has been running both her website and Etsy shop since she was fifteen; selling the decorative hearing aid accessories and sharing her vision in helping break the stigma associated with hearing aids. With 10% of sales donated to hearing health research and education, the term brilliant just keeps coming back to mind.

In addition to charms, Hayleigh offers “Tube Twists" and “Tube Treasures.” These products slide over a hearing device’s tube. Hayleigh makes the tubes in all different colors so you can match your outfit or wear your favorite team’s colors on game day! The “Tube Treasures” offer fun items like unicorns and tractors, along with many others.

Today, Hayleigh’s Cherished Charms sells to customers all over the world. She has displays set up in Audiology offices around the US — but Hayleigh’s mission remains the same: “to make the hearing impaired feel good about their hearing devices, to have my products available to anyone who wants them, and to make using them simple!”

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