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Explore our hearing tips articles with some helpful advice and insight for healthy hearing.

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Advice for Better Phone Calls with Hearing Loss

For someone with hearing loss, talking on the phone isn't always the easiest. Here are a few tips and devices that will better your phone call quality if you wear hearing aids.

What You Should Know About the Cocktail Party Effect and Hearing Loss Whether you’ve been at a restaurant with loud music or a house party with multiple conversations going on around you, it's often difficult to focus on what one person is saying while tuning out other dialogue or noise. The way our minds try to hone in on a specific conversation in louder environments is known as the cocktail party effect.
Tips for Using Your Hearing Aids Outdoors

Helpful information on sweat-resistant hearing aids, carrying cases, and other hearing aid accessories designed for an active lifestyle.

Hearing Loss: Age Related or Not

You don't just "get old" and lose your hearing overnight - thought it may seem that way - it happens gradually over time, and starts younger than you'd probably think. Read about the hearing stages our ears go through as we grow.

Common Misconceptions About Noise-Induced Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can affect anyone regardless of age, especially when it comes to noise-Induced hearing loss. Who can be affected by it? Anyone with ears.

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