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Bruce Springsteen Becomes Hearing Loss Awareness Ambassador

Rock n’ Roll legend Bruce Springsteen is the latest artist to team up with charitable organization The Hear the World Foundation as an ambassador for hearing loss awareness.

Hear the World (HTW) is a Swiss-based charitable foundation centered around providing helpful information and services to individuals with hearing loss all over the globe, particularly children in underdeveloped countries. Recent numbers from the World Health Organization show that there are over 466 million people around the world living with a moderate to profound hearing loss. This equals out to about 5% of the global population. Of that number, roughly 34 million are children. 

Bruce Springsteen joins alongside a number of other well-known celebrity ambassadors that have partnered with the foundation. Others include model Cindy Crawford, singer and producer Moby, Sting, as well as fellow rock n’ roller Bryan Adams. 

Adams has been heavily involved with Hear the World for multiple years now. He has also pursued his love for photography and captured the photo of Springsteen seen below for HTW’s announcement of his new role in helping others overcome hearing loss.

The image shows Springsteen with his hand cupped to his ear, a gesture that has become Hear the World’s universal symbol for conscious hearing. Over the past ten years, a collection of photographs have been taken in the same pose to promote global awareness of hearing loss.

This cause is incredibly important and it’s amazing to see what can be done when the right people get involved to make a difference. The majority of individuals that receive aid from the foundation live in low-income communities and underdeveloped countries. They do not have access to proper audiological care. The effects of untreated hearing loss are serious regardless of age, but even more so for children.

Hearing loss can affect the way they learn at crucial stages of mental development. It can also lead to difficulty making friends, lessened social engagement, and the possibility of being ridiculed or taunted by their able-hearing peers. 

With the help of charities like Hear the World and ambassadors like Bruce Springsteen helping to raise awareness for the cause of hearing loss, these children can get the proper care they need. 

Adults are also encouraged to have their hearing checked and are taught how to perform basic audiological techniques, so that they can continue providing routine hearing testing after the HTW volunteers have left.

In the United States alone, the number of total citizens that recognize a noticeable difficulty hearing is closer to around 15-20%. 

If you experience hearing loss and would like to have your hearing tested by a professional or find new hearing aid options, just fill out our online form here or call us directly at 1-866-978-7321.



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