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Why World Hearing Day Should Matter to You Join the conversation for World Hearing Hearing Day this year and help spread the word on hearing loss prevention and treatment.
Hearing From You: Owen's Story

It can often be difficult to accept a child’s hearing loss, but early diagnosis and treatment can make a lifelong impact in cognitive and emotional development. Owen’s story is a case in point.

Ancient Audiology: How Did the Cavemen Hear?

Who would win a hearing competition between a modern-day human and a caveman and why is this important? Read on to find out what researchers have learned over the course of human evolution.

Advances in Gene Therapy and Hearing Loss

Gene therapy has been showing promise with a multitude of medical applications and researchers are learning more with each day.

How One Small Insect Made a Big Impact on Hearing Aids

The directional microphone has been a major improvement in hearing aid technology. Most would have no idea that its developers got the idea after researching the way a tiny, yellow insect takes in sounds.

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